Nutrisystem Coupon Code and How Jason lost 245 lb on Nutrisystem

As someone who loves food, I know how hard it is to eat what I like and keep my weight in check at the same time. My family background is on the chubby side and I have gone up in weight on many occasions. Although I have managed to lose it by sticking to a strict dieting and exercise routine. That’s why when I hear other people’s weight loss success stories, especially the most incredible ones, I take them with a grain of salt.

Or at least I did until I read Jason’s story…

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Jason B., like me, comes from a family history with chubby genes. Growing up he was always the bigger kid in school and as he grew in age so did his size. By the time he went to college Jason had serious weight issues, which limited his activities and reinforced his unhealthy eating habits.

Although he struggled with his weight through his youth, Jason was a pretty active guy who loved to practice sports. But eventually, he came to weigh so much that he just couldn’t play sports anymore. Even golf, which he used to play all the time, became too strenuous for his still young body. Still, it wasn’t until after Jason got married and had a family that he realized how his health affected everybody he loved.


Married to a loving wife, father to a beautiful daughter, and expecting his second child, Jason felt like he had it all. But he also risked losing it due to his weight. Now 37 years old and weighing an astounding 437 lbs, both Jason and his wife understood how serious his condition was.

More than just being fuel for his body, food had become a substitute for the things that Jason had lost: his health, self-steam, and active life. As someone who experienced the same issues, I know firsthand that leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to relying on food as a way to curb stress and depression. But now that Jason had a second child on the way he knew that he had to change his eating habits once and for all.


Changing his habits wouldn’t be easy though. Jason looked through different diet systems until he finally found Nutrisystem, which promised results while still allowing him to enjoy his favorite foods. As someone who has tried over half-a-dozen different diets, I know how hard it is to stop eating what we like because diet food tastes…well, like diet food!

But when Jason started the Nutrisystem diet he found a solution that didn’t require him to eat like a hospital patient. In fact, Jason was still able to enjoy treats like Nutrisystem Pizzas and Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese as long as he kept watch over his portions.

Now instead of eating more than 5,000 calories a day, he found himself reducing that amount to just 1,700 calories a day. Slowly but surely he started exercising again and, even though at the beginning he could barely walk, he started seeing improvements even before most of the weight came off.


For a lot of people, it’s very hard to lose weight because they can’t stick to a weight loss plan. In my case, I went through several popular diets before I finally found a program that did the job. That’s why I can understand how others become disillusioned with diets that don’t work and just stop trying. Jason, however, found a tried and tested system and stuck with it until the end.

Jason says that what made this journey easier than previous attempts was having a plan that would walk him through it, step by step, from beginning to end. Nutrisystem gave Jason the structure he needed to be successful long term. The system told him exactly what to eat, when to do it, and even included food which was easy to prepare, tasty, and nutritious.

No more trips to the supermarket, where endless shelves of snacks and prepared foods could tempt him. From now on all his meals and snacks were planned and prepared beforehand, so he didn’t have to think what he was going to eat.


Throughout his journey, Jason realized that just eating less wasn’t a long-term solution. After so many years using food as an emotional crutch, Jason had to find other ways to deal with stress that didn’t involve calories. Luckily for Jason, he always loved to keep himself active in his younger years, and his newfound body allowed him to retake his old hobbies again. Not only did he start playing golf and other sports again, but he even had the energy to take new challenges, such as running his first 5K race!

In the end, Jason lost an outstanding 245 lbs and in his late 30s is now fitter than ever. This radical change gave him all the confidence he needed to try new things and indulge in what matters the most to him, his family, and not just on food. Now the father of two, Jason feels happier and healthier, which in turn has made him into a better father and husband.


Despite being so successful, I found that Jason struggled with the same ups and downs as I did. Even though I never had to lose as much weight as Jason did, I too found that I judged myself too harshly whenever I slipped up in my diet. But Jason downplayed his mistakes and focused on his goals, which I believe is the secret to losing weight.

Of course, having a second child on the way was a powerful incentive for Jason to turn his life around. But without the structure that Nutrisystem gave to him, Jason’s weight loss journey, like so many of his earlier attempts, might have ended short of reaching his goals. Instead, he managed to save his life, guaranteed that he will be there to see his children grow, and ensure that he can help them out not make the same mistakes that he made.