Why I Can’t Stop Ordering Nutrisystem’s Stuffed Shells


My wife and I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle, so we joined Nutrisystem last month. We took different meal plans, and we get to choose our foods. We love the experience, and I must say I am enjoying every food that is on my plan, especially the desserts.

However, there are some particular foods that I find so delicious that I had to include them in my order for the second month. One of them is Nutrisystem’s Stuffed Shells. Read on to find out why I like this product and why I think it is a really good food item that you should also consider including in your weight loss meal plan.

What are Nutrisystem’s Stuffed Shells?

As the name suggests, this product consists of soft shells that are very generously stuffed with a delectable combo of creamy Romano and ricotta cheeses and spinach and then served in a nutritious marinara sauce that is seasoned with fresh basil, Italia herbs, and garlic. I particularly like the seasoning as it adds a very natural flavor to the food. The spinach adds a vegetable touch that I always want in my meal.

What are the main ingredients?

The stuffed shells are made with pasta, wheat flour, riboflavin, thiamin, and folic acid. The shells provide the primary source of carbohydrates. The fillings include low-fat ricotta cheese made with vinegar, whey, carrageenan, and milk. The fillings also include eggs, Romano cheese with cheese culture, enzymes, salt, and cow’s milk. There is also soluble corn fiber, spices, and water.

I like how Nutrisystem uses low-fat cheeses and milk in to make the fillings. This reduces the amount of saturated fat in this food item significantly. The use of whey protein and eggs gives the food the right amounts of protein, while the spinach, vinegar, and spices provide a good balance of vitamins and minerals.

Another ingredient is the marinara sauce that I love so much as it has various nutrients in correct amounts. It includes crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic (I like the flavor it adds), canola oil, onions, water, and various spices.

Do the Stuffed Shells have a significant nutritional value?

I should have mentioned earlier that one of the major reasons I like this food is its nutritional value. The food has a high protein content, up to 14g per serving. Since deciding to stay healthier, I do a lot of high-intensity training, and the high protein content helps my body to rebuild and repair muscles and tissues.

With 27g of carbohydrates, the Stuffed Shells offer me enough energy to see me through work and workouts. There is also 8g of sugars that boost my energy levels. There is just 45mg of cholesterol, 3g of saturated fat, and 0g of trans fat which makes this food not light, but also safe to eat without worrying too much about my heart health.

As noted earlier, I like foods with a good touch of vegetables for vitamins and minerals. The Stuffed Shells have up to 60 percent of vitamin A and 10 percent of vitamin C. There is also 20 percent of calcium, 8 percent of iron, and 520mg of sodium.

I don’t need to worry myself about ingesting too many calories as this food has only 240 calories per serving. I get to enjoy other meals during the day knowing my calorie intake is in check.

What are its pros and cons of this meal?

The meal has a great natural flavor of the garlic and other spices. There is also a great balance of nutrients which include fat, vitamins, protein, carbs, water, and minerals. However, I must admit that the sauce is a bit too much.

The meal is very satisfying, and I like this fact about it as it helps me keep my calorie intake low, which in turn, helps me to manage my weight. I will reorder the meal again and again. With a coupon for Nutrisystem I will buy this meal at a low price.