Finally A Low-Calorie Ravioli Formaggio That Tastes Like The Real Deal


I’ll admit to eating Nutrisystem’s Ravioli Formaggio at least once per week as I’ve always loved eating rich, hearty dishes and love being able to eat a decent sized plate of pasta, whilst sticking to my diet plan. If like me, you can’t fathom living on salads, you’ll love Ravioli Formaggio.


As I have a savory tooth, I enjoy sinking my teeth into each piece of Ravioli Formaggio, which contains a heavenly mix of beautifully blended Romano cheese and ricotta cheese. Better yet, the sauce which coats each piece of ravioli is packed full of flavor and boasts plenty of garlic and onion. Which I’m thankful for as I can’t stand bland, flavorless diet products or meals.

How many calories are contained in a single serving of Ravioli Formaggio? I was shocked to discover that each serving only contains 270 calories, which is astounding as this particular ravioli tastes just as good as a full-fat ravioli dish that you’d be served at a traditional Italian restaurant.

In fact, one day I decided to conduct an experiment by serving Nutrisystem’s Ravioli Formaggio to two of my friends. Neither of which could tell that I’d just served them a low-calorie pasta dish. Both friends were shocked when I told them that each serving only contained 270 calories and that each dish only contained 33 grams of carbohydrates.

I personally love how the Ravioli Formaggio still contains some carbohydrates as consuming carbohydrates ensures that my energy levels remain stabilized throughout the day. Which ensures that I have plenty of energy to go for a run after work, instead of binge watching Netflix. The latter of which won’t help me achieve my weight loss goals.

Better yet each serving of mouth-watering Ravioli Formaggio boasts 12% of my recommended daily intake of fiber, which helps settle my stomach. As well as 14 grams of protein, which my body uses to build new tissue, muscles, and red blood cells.

As I prefer to eat foods which are comprised of natural products, I also love that I can understand all of the ingredients, listed on my pasta’s packaging. Examples of which include semolina, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, eggs, low-fat ricotta, salt, parsley and romano cheese. I sometimes add a little extra flavor to my ravioli my sprinkling a handful of grilled mushrooms and eggplant onto my meal. I definitely feel that by choosing to eat food which contains simple, understandable ingredients, that my body is becoming healthier as a result. Especially compared to eating at fast food restaurants, which often offers foods which are full of chemicals and preservatives, which may have a negative effect on your body.

As I don’t like eating lettuce like a rabbit but am still committed to losing weight, I love products like Ravioli Formaggio which allow me to eat my favorite foods whilst losing weight each week. To date, I’ve lost 30 pounds, all the while being able to enjoy ravioli on a weekly basis.

So if you love rich, hearty pasta and are looking for a dish which isn’t laden with calories, it’s well worth trying out Nutrisystem’s Ravioli Formaggio.

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