Here’s Why You Will Love Nutrisystem’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce


If like me you enjoy indulging in the classic delicacy that is lasagna; I suggest you try the healthy version available from Nutrisystem. Besides ensuring that you don’t consume the wildly unhealthy regular alternative, this meal is terrific in that it is covered with delicious meat sauce.

Details about Lasagna and Meat Sauce from Nutrisystem

What Is It

The meal is rich in proteins, and good for diabetics too. Essentially, this is a healthier reinvention of the classic dish of lasagna.

What It Looks Like

This Nutrisystem meal looks like any other well-prepared dish of lasagna. In other words, it consists of thick juicy food layers consisting of various ingredients. Since the delicacy is rich in tomatoes, and meat sauce, the upper layer has an enticing rich brown color. You should also notice the pinto beans in the middle layer of the meal.

Main Ingredients

The main part of this meal is the lasagna stacker; and this consists of ingredients like the vegetable mix, pinto beans, enriched cracker meal, eggs, crushed tomatoes, corn starch and so forth. These are the main ingredients in the meal.

Nutritional Facts

A single serving of Lasagna and Meat Sauce, as prepared by Nutrisystem’s chefs, has just 250 calories of energy. The main nutrient in this meal by weight is carbohydrates. Of this, dietary fiber, which is great for digestion, makes up a significant part. I find that commendable. Also, there are 14 grams of protein in a single serving of this meal.

That’s why I found this meal to be among my top choices while putting together a protein-rich menu based on what Nutrisystem was offering. Also, 9 grams of fats are present in a single serving of this dish; and thankfully, none of this consists of the toxic trans fats found in many diets today. Ample amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium are also present in the dish; making the meal better balanced nutritionally.


The highlight of this meal is that it has a good taste; nothing like a diet meat all. So, have you been wondering how you can still enjoy this classic Italian dish without ruining your diet? Then Nutrisystem has found a great solution for you with this meal.


Truthfully, there is little to complain about as far as this dish goes. If you are already a lasagna fan, you will be impressed by how this meal tastes. Otherwise, if you are new to the culinary delights of lasagna, you might find its appearance unconventional.

What People are Saying about It

This dish seems to elicit all sorts of sentiments from those who have given it a shot. But generally speaking, the reviews are positive. Reviews claiming that the Lasagna and Meat Sauce Nutrisystem is offering has a great taste are in the majority; and I’m not surprised by this – it was my experience with the meal as well.

One reviewer eve admits that the meal tastes good, despite not been their favorite dish. This goes to show how impressive the meal’s taste really is. So yea, most people can’t help but fall in love with this healthy diet from Nutrisystem.

Why I Like Nutrisystem’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce

I like that this meal can be ready in just a minute and a half in the microwave. Makes me really appreciate the fact that the meal is also very tasty and healthy.

Why I Would Use It To Lose Weight and Get Healthier

Without a doubt, I would certainly use this meal to get healthier. In particular, I would use it to lose weight. Being a healthy high protein diet, lasagna with meat sauce is the way to go if you want a diet that lowers your carbs intake and helps you remain satiated as you try to lose weight.