Nutrisystem’s Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese Tastes better Than it Looks


As a meat lover, I have lots of horror stories about the downsides of wolfing down a chunk of juicy steak. The general consensus is that red meat is bad. But I am happy that Nutrisystem has found a way to help the likes of us satisfy this craving and address our nutritional needs in the process through its Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese delicacy.

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What Is the Nutrisystem Salisbury Steak?

This dish features a delicious piece of steak alongside mac and cheese. It is seasoned in mushroom gravy; and is perfect for those in need of a high protein diet as they try to lose weight

What It Looks Like

The dish looks tender and inviting, thanks to the ample piece of steak and mac and cheese mixed with mushroom gravy.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients in this dish include Salisbury steak, a classic and rich source of animal proteins. I also like that the meal is made of enriched pasta, which means it is has more ingredients than regular cheese would offer, and thus much healthier. The dish also contains plenty of healthy organic foods, including mushrooms, nonfat milk, and canola oil.

Nutritional Facts

Salisbury Steak with Mac and Cheese contains 280 calories. In my search of a healthy meal with as much protein as I could get, this is one of the best choices Nutrisystem had in store for me. That is because a single serving of this dish comes with 22 grams of protein. There are just 10 grams of fat in the food, and no trans fat at all.


The meal was very filling, certainly kept me going for hours without any lingering food cravings afterwards.

I found the entire dish to be quite delicious, and the steak to be full of great flavor.


The taste of the mushroom gravy was a bit off.

What People are Saying about It

Generally, people love Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese as reinvented by Nutrisystem. In general, the diet food delivery company has received lots of points for the nice flavor in the food, a hearty serving, and the lovely taste.

The only thing that seems to tarnish the otherwise perfect culinary delight Nutrisystem has achieved with this meal is the mushroom gravy, which has a watery consistency and an unsavory taste.

Why I Like the Meal

I like that the meal tastes delicious; I was actually surprised based on its unpromising appearance. The taste, the flavor, the tenderness, and everything else seems to have come together brilliantly to make this another home run for Nutrisystem; at least as far as me and several other reviewers were concerned.

Why I Would Use It To Lose Weight and Get Healthier

Nutrisystem describes this as a weight loss meal; so I would definitely love to use it for this purpose. But personally, the high protein content in the meal is what excites me the most. This makes it perfect for for me as I work out the gym to build strength and lean muscle mass. However, all this is tied together by the fact that this Salisbury Steak with Mac & Cheese meal has a great taste despite the modifications introduced to its nutritional setup to make it healthier.