How Nutrisystem’s Toffee Crunch Cookies Help Me Lose Weight


How can consuming calorie-laden cookies help anyone lose weight? Contrary to popular belief, not all cookies are high in calories. As an example, my favorite cookies are Nutrisystem’s Toffee Crunch Cookies which only contain 140 calories, per serving. While I don’t consume them on a daily basis as I’m still trying to shed the last few founds to meet my target weight, I do find that I’m able to eat my favorite cookies a few times per week, without halting my weight loss.

I also find that it’s far easier to stick to my balanced diet if I know that I can’t still treat myself to my favorite foods on a regular basis. As in the past, I failed to stick to a variety of diets as I was told that enjoying a single cookie would wreck my diet. So each time I slipped up, I would binge eat half a dozen cookies. Whereas thanks to Nutrisystem, I can now indulge in a tasty cookie on a regular basis. Which makes it far easier to eat healthy for the rest of the day, than if I limited my diet to tasteless salads and steamed vegetables.

What ingredients are contained in Nutrisystem’s Toffee Crunch Cookies? Some of the ingredients include healthy oats, real toffee, butter, sugar, eggs and whole wheat flour. So you can rest assured that the cookies you bite into will taste just as good as the cookies which you used to buy from your local grocery store. Best of all, as I love coffee, I’m extremely pleased that I can actually taste the toffee in each cookie. As if I’m going to treat myself to a cookie, I better be able to taste the toffee inside it.

If you prefer crunchy cookies as opposed to soft cookies, like I do, you’ll love these cookies as they crunch in your mouth and are the perfect cookies to dunk into a hot cup of tea. However, these particular cookies may not be ideally suited to those with sensitive teeth or dentures as they are definitely on the harder side. You can buy them at a discount though with a Nutrisystem promo code. I also love how these particular cookies come pre-packaged so that I can keep a cookie or two in my purse or in the glove box of my car. As I find that if I have a healthy version of my favorite food ready to be eaten, I’ll be far less likely to cheat on my diet.

As an added benefit each cookie boasts 5 grams of fiber which make sure that my digestive system operates without any issues and 5 grams of protein. So if you’re looking for a diet-friendly cookie which actually offers health benefits, you may be interested in trialing out Nutrisystem’s Toffee Crunch Cookies.

You may even find that having a healthy snack on hand, will stop you from binge eating and cheating on your diet. Which is really useful if you’re looking to lose weight or are looking to maintain a healthy weight, in the long term. Just make sure to keep them away from your loved ones as they are as tasty as any cookie, you’ve ever tasted.