What’s Nutrisystem’s Rotini and Meatballs Like


I know that Rotini pasta and meatballs is a beloved classic among many. And I say this knowing that I can’t help but eat a plateful of the meal every once in a while. Like me, I think most people who want to get healthier and reach their fitness goals would be concerned about the calories and fat in a regular dish of Rotini and meatballs. As fate would have it, Nutrisystem have a healthy alternative to this great meal, and here is what it’s all about.


What Is It?

Essentially, Nutrisystem’s Rotini and meatballs is a healthy remake of this popular dish. They classify it as a healthy diet meal that is high in protein and appropriate for diabetics.

What It Looks Like

The dish looks really delicious, my mouth watered just at the sight of it. Otherwise, it consists of meatballs mixed with Rotini pasta and mixed in a thick delicious gravy. The meal is also seasoned with a pinch of Parmesan cheese.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients in this meal include cooked beef meatballs, which is the rich source of protein the dish provides. The other major part of this meal is the Rotini pasta, which is usually low in fats and rich in vitamins and minerals. Other major ingredients of this meal include tomatoes, which enrich the meal’s flavor. The food also has some Parmesan cheese, which is low in fat and rich in calcium. Nutrisystem’s Rotini can be purchased at a discount using a Nutrisystem coupon.

Nutritional Facts

A serving of this meal has 220 calories in it; and only 50 of these come from fat; indicating that the meal is low in fat. There are in fact no trans fats in the meal. Being a high protein meal, there are also 15 grams of protein in the dish; which makes it so filling.


The meal was very filling, thanks to the generous serving and a high protein content.

With its great flavor, I also found the meal to be very enjoyable.


The texture of the meal could use some work.

What People are Saying about It

Many people have had a go at this Nutrisystem meal, and many have lots of good things to say about it. For instance, a lot of reviewers have found the meal to be quite delicious overall, and the flavor was the highlight for quite a number of them. Some of those with a few complaints about the meal claim that the sauce could use some improvement. But generally speaking, the meal has impressed most people.

Why I Like the Meal

Overall, I found this Nutrisystem meal to be a great Rotini and meatballs combo; and quite delicious considering how healthy it is. It can be a little difficult to find a meal where the ingredients form a perfect blend of mouth-watering delight; but Nutrisystem manages to achieve this with this meal. That means Nutrisystem did a great job with regard to the meatballs, the pasta, the sauce and the seasoning.

Why I Would Use It To Lose Weight and Get Healthier

I often indulge myself in a dish of Rotini and meatballs, and so I would certainly opt for this healthy Nutrisystem version just to stay healthier and lose weight. Furthermore, since the meal is high in proteins, and low in calories, it would be a delicious way of losing weight without feeling starved.